Thursday, March 5, 2009

Getting GMail themes for your domain email

It's been, what, almost half a year now, and Google Apps accounts still don't have the Themes feature available. I want GMail to host my domain's email but, silly me, I want themes too. Well, I think I found a way. I'll have two email accounts. First, a normal, free GMail account which will be the main one I use for accessing email, since it has themes. And secondly, I'll have another account in Google Apps, hosting the email for my domain. This account will be set to just forward everything to the first account. The first account will be set to simply use the domain email address as the default "From" address when sending email. So all the mail I send will still appear to come from my domain. Now, if you already have a Google Apps account you've been using as your primary account, this is not an ideal solution unless you are ready to migrate all your prior email over to the new, free GMail account. But for someone like me who is migrating to GMail for the first time, it might be just what the doctor ordered.

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