Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Welcome to Notely, the successor to my old tech-notes blog Notepad.Exe. Like its progenitor, this site exists mainly for me to record tips and solutions to unusual techie-type problems that I occasionally encounter and solve. That way hopefully the solution will be ready to hand for anyone googling for solutions to the same problems in the future. I accidentally deleted the original version of this blog but was able to rebuild it thanks to the fact that the Wayback Machine has a snapshot of it from 2006. All the old posts are here (with the original timestamps even!) - the only thing is I couldn't save all the comments from the previous posts. Posts are not regular or frequent, but they are focused and (I like to think) well-written. Even if it seems like I haven't been here awhile, rest assured I'll be back when I have a new solution worth recording. Some of the more helpful posts, judging by past feedback, are:

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